Dealers of Old Hickory Buildings & Sheds can now have their own professional website branded with both their business name and logo with the look and feel of Old Hickory's main company website.

This new website will help you boost your sales of Old Hickory Buildings by increasing your visibility online and allowing you a place to post information that sells more buildings.

Within 24 hours of completing the per-build questionnaire your site will be able too:

  • Show people in your area searching for building how, where and why to buy from you.
  • Project a professional business presence in your local market.
  • Display a photo gallery of your buildings, dealer lot or best installations.
  • Share pricing information or other documents online and streamline work flow.
  • Communicate business hours and last minute closing details.
  • Collect contact information from people who are interested in buying a building.
  • Use video posted by Old Hickory or your company to market your buildings.
  • Display updates and photos of the buildings you sell and how people are using them.
  • Keep up and get ahead of the competition that has their own local website.
  • Display an Instagram feed that will be automatically updated by Old Hickory.
  • Grow your social media following by linking your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other sites.
  • Provide a map to your location.
  • Serve as home base for your other marketing efforts and be a landing page designed to sell.
  • Have a place to post important promotions and sales.
  • Includes professional looking email addresses for your company example:

All of these features can be yours for only $499 one time set up and $149 per year annual hosting/ domain registration.

Manage and update your website yourself OR purchase a maintenance package from us and we will do it for you! Prices starting at $49 per month, you email us what you want added and we do the rest!

Contact Bare Web Design to get signed up!

Example Dealer Site